• What is Science in Brief?


Science is a collection of knowledge learned through education. Studying is essential in science; you study, learn and teach. Science is curiosity-based learning desire and studies using all accessible substances and materials in the universe. There is a goal in science, and there are experiments carried out on the path followed by ideas to achieve the goal. People who deal with science are called scientists or scientists.

The word science, derived from the root bil, is divided into three main groups: knowledge that includes causality and curiosity. The names of these groups are formal, scientific and social. Some branches that include science are: Mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, anthropology etc.

Science emerged in ancient times before the invention of writing.

What is the Difference Between Science and Knowledge

There is no difference or inequality in meaning between the word science and the word science, that is, both words are synonymous. We can say that science equals science.

What is Science in Brief?

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