• What is Fitre and to whom is it given


Fitr alms, which means sadaqah al-fitr, is the aid given by the elders of the house, as many as the number of family members, to those in need of help or to charitable organizations, by calculating the financial equivalent of the food that one person can eat in one day, before the Eid prayer towards the end of the month of Ramadan. It is presented to people or institutions in need as gratitude for reaching the Eid during Ramadan.

Who Gives Fitr?

People who have more than 80.18 grams of gold or money equivalent to this gold or regular income such as rent or salary are obliged to pay fitra.

How to Calculate Fitre

A person who has a financial income greater than the amount written above will give the cost of 1 day's food, calculated as 130 TL per day for 2024, to the needy person.

What is Fitre and to whom is it given

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