• Lol Super Gunner Tristana Review

We are here with the review of Yaman Topçu Tristana, one of the renewed champions of League of Legends.

Tristana Playstyle

Tristana is a maverick, daring commando. Even though he is smaller than most of the other champions, thanks to his courage, he dives into the middle of hot conflicts and blasts the opponent one by one with his veteran gun.

Tristana, who is an extremely mobile marksman in the game, can poke her opponents from a certain distance and jump on them with the additional range she gains at the end of the game, both collecting scores and resetting their cooldown times with the sudden mass damage she deals.

Eye, sight, stye:

As Tristana's passives - eyes, sights and front sight - level up, the range of her basic attacks and targeted abilities increases. So, although he starts the game with an average range, when he reaches level 18, he can send his opponents to a distance of seven Teemos.
Q- Rapid Fire

Tristana's Q, Burst Fire, greatly increases attack speed for several seconds. Use Rapid Fire when you have precise targets that can attack for the duration of the ability. This short-lasting ability has a long cooldown. Be sure to take this into account.
W- Rocket Jump

Tristana's W, Rocket Jump, leaps towards the target location after a short delay, damaging and slowing all enemies where it lands. In this jump, the further Tristana is from the opponent, the longer she stays in the air.

However, since he is a super commando, he can also use his other abilities while in the air. The most important point here is that getting a score or an assist resets the cooldown of Rocket Jump. So even if you had unlimited mana and unlimited opponents dying, you could jump infinitely.

Tip: Save Rocket Jump to avoid enemy jungler ganks. The range of the ability is quite long, so Tristana can safely launch much further into the lane than most marksmen.
E- Explosive Cargo

Tristana's E, Explosive Charge, has both passive and active properties. Passively, it causes everything Tristana kills with normal attacks to explode and damage enemy units around it.

When activated, the bomb Tristana sends to the enemy unit adheres to the target and explodes after a few seconds, damaging all enemies around it. Tristana can increase the damage of the explosion by attacking the enemy the bomb is stuck to. If he strengthens the bomb to its last charge with his normal attacks, he can detonate the bomb early with his first normal attack.

Tip: If you rocket jump at an enemy with an Explosive Charge on them, it deals additional damage based on how powered up the bomb is. And depending on the loads of the bomb, this jump can detonate the bomb early.

Finally, Tristana can also send Explosive Charge to enemy turrets. In this case, the explosion will be much larger and will also damage the tower.

By using Explosive Charge on opponent towers, you can push your lane and put the opposing team under siege. While its passive makes your work easier in the lane, its loaded bomb allows you to take towers easily.
R- Shot Put

Tristana sends a giant cannonball at the target enemy, dealing solid damage and knocking the opponent back. This powerful shot knocks back other surrounding enemies without damaging them. As the skill levels up, the knockback distance also increases. So towards the end of the game, Tris can send her opponents behind most walls with this ability.

Tip: Use Shot Shot to get away from initiating champions, its knockback effect gives you the few seconds you need to dodge or slash the opponent.
Skill Combos;


This is Tristana's deadliest burst damage combo. First, send the Explosive Charge to the opponent, then use Rapid Fire to strengthen the bomb as quickly as possible. When it's ready to explode, dive in with Rocket Jump and deal massive damage. If the opponent is still not dead, use normal attacks and Shot Shot to score a nice point. When the opponent dies, you can search for new targets with Rocket Jump or get away safely, depending on your situation at that time.


There are various combos you can pull off by using Cannonball while Rocket Jumping. The most offensive of these may be to perform a Cannonball on top of the opponent while passing over them with a Rocket Jump. One of the defense options is to use this ability while escaping from danger with Rocket Jump in order not to wait too long for the execution animation of the Cannonball.


In classic teamwork, rival tanks and fighters will try to get under your nose as much as possible. While the Shotgun is an important weapon on its own to get rid of these powerful opponents, Tris can also use this ability by placing an Explosive Charge on top of it and sending a rapid-fire reinforced opponent into her own opponent. Of course, if you want to commit mass murder...

tristana combo-1

If you unlock Explosive Charge at level 1 and actively push your lane, you will most likely reach level 2 before your opponents. As soon as you level up, turn this advantage into a first blood advantage by playing aggressively and gain superiority in the lane under the incoming bonus. When played correctly, Tristana can perform assassin-style moves on her own, even in the early game.

Using Explosive Charge on opponent towers is a successful method to disrupt the opponent's defenses. Thanks to this explosion, you can catch opponents who are unaware of the situation by surprise or prevent them from returning.

A fierce marksman, Tristana is a prime target for rival assassins and fights. She luckily has the skill set to survive these types of trades. You can avoid sudden attacks with Rocket Jump.

Tip: Even if jumping on the enemy team deals solid damage, if you don't score, remember that you will be very vulnerable and your escape mechanism will be on cooldown. Being too aggressive can make you lose the game.

“You think you can shoot more than me? You can't keep up with me, dad."

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